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Start your dream website journey with SAM IT PARK, the leading web hosting provider in Bangladesh. SAM IT PARK offers affordable and reliable super fast BDIX Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Server, Dedicated Servers, and Domain services to meet all your needs.

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Budget Hosting

Quickly launch scalable and affordable Budget hosting

Save up to 75% with 12/mo

from Tk49 /month
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Cloud Hosting

Deploy BDIX shared hosting in just minutes

Save up to 50% with 12/mo

from Tk199 /month
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VPS Server

Effortlessly deploy a scalable VPS server within minutes

Save up to 70% with 12/mo

from Tk399/month

Web Hosting Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there is a growing market for web hosting services due to the increasing number of businesses and individuals seeking an online presence. Many local hosting providers present a variety of hosting plans customized to diverse requirements, including shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers.

One key aspect of web hosting in Bangladesh is the availability of local support and infrastructure. Several hosting companies, including SAM IT PARK, provide customer service in both Bengali and English languages, ensuring users can easily receive assistance when required.

Additionally, having data centers located within the country helps to minimize latency and ensure faster website loading times for users accessing websites from Bangladesh.

And the main thing is when you are going to buy domain and hosting from foreign companies, you need to have an international credit card. But the good news is, if you want to buy from the Bangladeshi hosting companies, they accept payment methods bKash, Rocket, Bank Deposit including debit card and international credit card.

Powerful Web Hosting Features

Looking for the best web hosting features to power up your website?

Our hosting features are powerful and could be exactly what you need to take your online presence to the next level! We’ve got everything you need to boost your online presence and make it shine. Our hosting comes packed with awesome features that’ll really make your website stand out from the others and put you ahead of your competitors.

Web Hosting Bangladesh 30 Days Guarantee Icon feature Image

30 Day Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our web hosting plans, we will issue a refund

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Free Migration

Move as many websites as you want for free with our Website Migration tool and Support team.

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Ultra-Fast Speeds!

Your website will load faster than ever because our servers are litespeed and never overloaded. We also run the latest server optimization and security technology.

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NVMe-Based Hosting

Our all servers have built-in NVMe for better performance and stability.

Web Hosting Bangladesh Dedicated to security Icon feature Image

Dedicated to Security

Monitoring and defending your websites from online threats and virus.

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24/7/365 Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to help you . You can reach us by Phone, Live Chat, or Ticket System.

SEO Service in Bangladesh

When building a website, the first step is to purchase a domain and hosting to make your site accessible on the internet. After customizing your theme, visitors will be able to view your website properly.

However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing a website to improve its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to the website by ensuring it appears higher in search results for relevant keywords.

At SAM IT PARK, we offer the best SEO services in Bangladesh. Our expert team has extensive experience in providing professional SEO services to help your website achieve higher rankings.

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Web Design and Development Services

Web Design and Development Services

At SAM IT PARK, we’re known across Bangladesh for our top-quality web hosting services. But that’s not all – we’re also experts in building or optimizing websites to suit any requirement. Our team is made up of skilled web developers and designers who are ready to turn your ideas into reality.

We can also develop any kind of software solution to automate your business operations according to your requirements. Our strength is to develop customized software. With a focus on quality and timely delivery, we ensure your project is a success.

Let us bring your ideas to life and take your business to the next level with our innovative software development services. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities at Sam IT Park!

What is the benefit of BDIX Hosting?

BDIX (Bangladesh Internet Exchange) hosting offers several benefits, particularly for users in Bangladesh. Overall, BDIX hosting can improve internet performance, reduce costs, and support the growth of local digital economies, making it a beneficial option for both content providers and consumers in Bangladesh.

BDIX Cloud Hosting Ultra Fast Speed

High Speeds​

BDIX hosting enables users to access content at higher speeds because data is served locally through the BDIX network rather than being routed through international connections, which can be slower due to latency and bandwidth limitations.

VPS Server Top-notch Security

Cost Efficiency:

Hosting content on BDIX can be more cost-effective for both providers and consumers because it reduces the need for international bandwidth, which can be expensive. This can lead to lower costs for data usage, especially for heavy data consumers.

VPS Server Full Control

Reduced Latency:

By hosting content locally on BDIX servers, latency is significantly reduced because data doesn't need to travel long distances through international networks. This results in faster load times and smoother streaming experiences for users.

VPS Server NVMe SSD Server


BDIX hosting can offer greater reliability and stability compared to international hosting solutions because it relies on a local infrastructure that may be better suited to handling traffic spikes and other fluctuations in demand.

Sam IT Park BDIX Cloud Hosting 30 Day Guarantee

Support for Local Content

BDIX hosting supports the growth of local content providers and encourages the development of local digital ecosystems by making it easier for users to access and consume locally produced content.

VPS Server 24/7/365 Support

Regulatory Compliance​

Hosting content locally on BDIX servers can help companies comply with local regulations and data sovereignty requirements, which may mandate that certain types of data be stored and processed within the country.

Why Choose Sam IT Park?

Sam IT Park provides SSDs and NVMe storage solutions that are favored for superior speed and reliability, making them ideal for hosting websites and applications that require high performance and responsiveness.

Commitment to Security is non-negotiable in the hosting provider business. It encompasses rigorous protocols, encryption, regular audits, and proactive threat detection. Ensuring data integrity and protecting against cyber threats are paramount, fostering trust and confidence among clients in safeguarding their digital assets. In that case, Sam IT Park never compromises on those issues.

Reliability in hosting provider business is paramount, ensuring consistent uptime, fast response times, and robust security measures. It’s the cornerstone of trust between the provider and its clients.

SAM IT PARK’s refund policy makes us separate from others. If our support team fails to support or resolve your problem, then the client can get a refund, but the refund request will not be accepted after 7 days.

Sam IT Park will ensure or guarantee you that our server will remain uptime 99.99%.

Our dedicated and expert support team are cordially ready for giving you the best services.

Why We Need SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate establishes a secure, encrypted connection between a web server and a user’s browser. It ensures that sensitive data transmitted over the internet, such as login credentials and payment information, remains confidential and protected from interception by malicious actors.

SSL certificates are essential for website security, instilling trust in users and providing assurance that their data is safe. They are indicated by the presence of HTTPS in the URL and a padlock icon in the browser’s address bar, signalling a secure connection. SSL certificates offer significant advantages for search engine optimization (SEO).

SSL Certificate Image at Web Hosting Bangladesh

BDIX Hosting in Bangladesh

BDIX Hosting refers to web hosting services that utilize the Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX) for faster and more efficient internet connectivity within Bangladesh.

It is a local internet exchange point that enables data to be transferred directly between internet service providers (ISPs) within the country, bypassing international routes. This results in significantly reduced latency and improved loading speeds for websites accessed by users in Bangladesh.

BDIX hosting has some key advantages like super fast speed, lower latency, cost-effective, high reliability, and better user experience. For businesses and individuals looking to target a Bangladeshi audience, BDIX hosting can be a strategic choice to optimize your website’s performance and user satisfaction.

SAM IT PARK offers two types of BDIX hosting services like Budget BDIX hosting for small business or individuals and Premium BDIX Hosting for large business and professionals. Compared to the other web hosting providers in Bangladesh, SAM IT PARK ensures the affordable price with high reliability and 24/7 customer support.

Web Hosting Bangladesh VPS Server in Bangladesh Image

VPS Server in Bangladesh

Explore SAM IT PARK’s advanced VPS servers in Bangladesh, designed to boost your website’s performance with reliability, speed and with minimum downtime servers from Bangladesh, USA and Singapore Datacenter.

Our local data centers ensure fast loading times and secure data management, supported round-the-clock by our expert team. Whether your business is small or large, our VPS hosting plans at SAM IT PARK are designed to fit your needs perfectly.

We offer scalability and affordability, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment.

Trust SAM IT PARK for reliable VPS solutions in Bangladesh to enhance your online appearance securely and confidently.

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Sarder RubaetSarder Rubaet
14:39 14 Jun 24
So far I am getting very good service at a low price
Sarder RahatSarder Rahat
14:37 14 Jun 24
I recently moved my website to the Premium BDIX Web Hosting package at SAM IT PARK, and I'm really happy with it! My site loads super fast now, thanks to their great BDIX connectivity.The customer support is amazing. Whenever I have a question or issue, they are quick to help and really friendly. I've had zero downtime since switching, which is awesome.The hosting packages are affordable and offer a lot of value – plenty of storage and bandwidth. Plus, the security features give me peace of mind that my site is safe.Overall, Premium BDIX Web Hosting package has been fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and fast hosting service!
Sabbir AhmedSabbir Ahmed
02:23 25 May 24
Sam IT park most professional Domain and hosting Provider company in Bangladesh. Support quality is also best. Great service very much professional and the after sale service is just wow. I am satisfied with their service.
Topu DebnathTopu Debnath
15:03 24 May 24
Sam IT Park BDIX Cloud Hosting is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations every time.” “I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service.” “The ambiance here is always inviting and comfortable. Thank you Sam IT Park for your kindness.
shimul shimulshimul shimul
12:11 24 May 24
I am satisfied with their Service.
Motiur RahmanMotiur Rahman
13:29 22 May 24
I recently switched to SAM IT Park for domain hosting, and I couldn't be happier with the decision. The service is incredibly reliable with zero downtime, ensuring my website is always accessible. The customer support team is outstanding—responsive, knowledgeable, and available 24/7. The user-friendly control panel makes managing my domain a breeze, even for someone without much technical expertise. Pricing is competitive, offering great value for the quality of service provided. Additionally, robust security features give me peace of mind. I highly recommend SAM IT Park for anyone in need of top-notch domain hosting services.
Home Kitchen AidHome Kitchen Aid
14:48 18 May 24
Good services
Deb RecipeDeb Recipe
01:03 11 May 24
I have taken one BDIX hosting service few months ago, their services are good.

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