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SAM IT PARK is a leading web hosting company in Bangladesh. We offer several types of hosting and domain services to meet the needs of different customers. One of our most popular offerings is free website hosting.

This is the best option for small businesses, start-ups, and individuals who are just starting out or beginners. We provide top and the best free hosting services with cPanel.

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What is Free Hosting?

Free hosting allows you to host your website without any cost. SAM IT PARK provides this service to help new businesses and individuals start their online journey. While free hosting has some limitations, it is a great way to get started without any financial investment.

Included in All Plans:

FREE Hosting


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Regular TK.99/m

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TK49 /month

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TK75 /month

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Free Website Hosting Features

We provide free website hosting services with cPanel, offering a cost-effective solution for individuals and small businesses looking to start their online journey without any expense.

Sam IT Park BDIX Cloud Hosting 30 Day Guarantee

30 Day Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our web hosting plans, we will issue a refund

Sam IT Park BDIX Cloud Hosting Free Migration

Free Migration

Move as many websites as you want for free with our Website Migration tool and Support team.

BDIX Cloud Hosting Ultra Fast Speed

Ultra-Fast Speeds!

Your website will load faster than ever because our servers are litespeed and never overloaded. We also run the latest server optimization and security technology.

Sam IT Park BDIX Cloud Hosting NVMe Based Hosting

SSD Based Hosting

Our all servers have built-in SSDs for better performance and stability.

Sam IT Park BDIX Cloud Hosting Dedicated Security

Dedicated to Security

Monitoring and defending your websites from online threats and virus.

Sam IT Park BDIX Cloud Hosting Support

24/7/365 Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to help you . You can reach us by Phone, Live Chat, or Ticket System.

Benefits of Free Website Hosting at SAM IT PARK

BDIX, the Bangladesh Internet Exchange, operates as a vital platform facilitating the exchange of data among networks. Here’s a breakdown of how BDIX functions:

Cost-Effective Solution:

The most obvious benefit of free hosting is that it’s free. Don't worry about spending money for hosting purposes for your new website, which is perfect for those on a tight budget.

User-Friendly Interface:

SAM IT PARK offers an easy-to-use interface that makes managing your website simple. Even if you’re new to website management, you will find our tools intuitive and straightforward.

Reliable Performance:

Despite being free, the hosting service at SAM IT PARK is reliable. We ensure that your website is up and running well, with minimal downtime.

Customer Support:

SAM IT PARK provides excellent customer support. If you face any issues or have questions, our expert support team is available to help you.

How to Get Web Hosting For Free

Sign Up

To take advantage of free hosting, you need to sign up on the SAM IT PARK website. Signing up process is easy and fast. Anyone can easily sign up, select the free hosting plan, and host their site.

Choose Your Plan

After signing up, select the free hosting plan. This plan includes all the basic features you need to get your website online.

Set Up Your Website

Once you have chosen your plan, you can start setting up your website. SAM IT PARK provides various tools and templates to help you create a professional-looking site.

Limitations of Free Hosting

While free hosting is a great starting point, it does come with some limitations. These may include limited storage space, bandwidth, and fewer features compared to paid plans. However, it is still a good option for those who need help starting an online journey.

Free Website Hosting Upgrade Plans Image

Upgrade Options

As your website expands, you might require additional resources and features. SAM IT PARK offers various affordable paid plans that you can upgrade to, providing more storage, bandwidth, and advanced features. We offer budget BDIX hosting and premium BDIX hosting, which can perfectly meet your needs upgrading your free plan to our affordable hosting plans.

Free website hosting at SAM IT PARK is an excellent option for anyone looking to start a website without initial costs. With reliable performance, user-friendly tools, and strong customer support, it is a great way and opportunity to start your online journey. Whether you are a small business, startup, or individual, SAM IT PARK has a solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide free website hosting services with cPanel, offering a cost-effective solution for individuals and small businesses looking to start their online journey without any expense.

Yes, it’s free in terms of money, but there might be limitations like limited storage, or bandwidth restrictions.

The main benefit is that it’s free! It’s a great way to start if you’re new to website building or if you’re working on a small project.

Yes, free hosting often comes with limited features, slower speeds, and less storage. Also, customer support might be less responsive.

Sure, anytime, you can upgrade to get more features, better performance, and no other limitations.

Generally, no. Free hosting is best for personal projects or small websites. For a business website, you’ll want more reliability and features, which come with paid hosting.

The process of sign up is very easy and quick in SAM IT PARK. You’ll need to create an account and follow our signup instructions step by step.

Yes, we allow you to use your own domain in our free website hosting plan.

Yes, but free hosting might not offer the same level of security as paid plans, so it’s important to check what security features are included in free hosting plans and paid plans.

If you exceed the limits (like storage or bandwidth), your site might go offline or you might be asked to upgrade to a paid plan. Check our budget friendly super fast BDIX hosting plans.

Free hosting can be less reliable than paid hosting. There might be more downtime or slower performance than paid plans.

Free hosting is best for small personal websites, blogs, or hobby projects. It’s not ideal for large or professional sites.

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